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Post by Placido » Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:17 pm

Heard a very interesting article on radio this morning - somewhere downstream of a sewage treatment works an investigation is/has been going on regarding fish in a nearby stream.
Seems that male fish now exhibit female characteristics but female fish appear to be unaffected. The findings point to the absorption of The Pill by the fish from the water.

The scientists have also noticed that birds feeding around the treatment works have altered behaviour - ie. the normal pattern of feeding is a hearty breakfast, intermittent snacking throughout the day and a substantial supper to get the birds through the night. This has changed to snacking all day long with no breakfast and supper peaks. A decline in the birds' weights has been discovered.

They put the reason for this down to the absorption of antidepressant tablets which supress the urgency to feed when hungry - a laisse faire attitude now seems to be prevalent. This also accounts for the fact that the birds under investigation seem to be acting less carefully and cautiously.

It wasn't mentioned but I wondered whether this manifestation could be a factor in the decline of bird numbers.

Insects/amphibians weren't mentioned.

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Post by Jacksparrow » Wed Oct 15, 2014 7:47 pm

I've seen it suggested before that wildlife was somehow being affected by chemicals we were discharging in the water systems. Whether this is science based or inspired guess work I don't know. If they hope that people will stop taking various medications to help the wildlife I think they're in for a long wait.

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