All the other creepy crawlies and animals that interact with your garden and the countryside
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Post by Placido » Tue Mar 06, 2018 12:19 pm

Best thing about a snowy garden is that you can tell who's been in your garden during the night :). Twice there were fox tracks, which was good.
Today though the butyl liner of the pond had been flipped back (a load of moss 'n' grass with it) and some excavation of the earth had taken place.
I s'pose a very hungry fox had been to the trouble because that's never happened previously.

Must explain that that particular piece of liner isn't covered by a great big boulder. I purposely had a gentle incline built there so little birds (and whatever) can find easy in and out.
I glued :rolleyes:pebbles thereupon to suggest a sort of pebbly beach so the butyl must have been quite heavy right there.
But a hungry fox will win !!
I'm very pleased, actually :clap:.

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